Bruchim Habaim — Welcome to BC!

BeyachadBC is an exciting program for everyone who is new to our community.

If you arrived in Canada within the last three years, BeyachadBC is here to engage and empower you and the different Jewish newcomer groups in Metro Vancouver by delivering social and cultural programs infused with your own unique cultural practices and traditions to ease your way into feeling at home in the community.

Here’s how BeyachadBC can help you:

  • Connect with people who speak the same language as you
  • Build your professional network
  • Receive assistance as you start your new life in BC
  • Find services and supports that are tailored to your needs
  • Access resources required to settle into Canadian life

BeyachadBC welcomes singles, couples and families, and people of all abilities, backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Not a newcomer? You can help by spreading the word to those who are, so we can make them feel welcome and ease their transition.

Community Partners