BeyachadBC Committees


BeyachadBC committeemembers have similar backgrounds to the specific newcomer populations they serve, and include individuals who have expertise in community development and substantial knowledge of the Greater Vancouver Jewish community. They are passionate about building a welcoming community and bring lived experience in understanding the issues newcomers face.


BeyachadBC – Brazilian Committee

Amanda Aron

Alessandra Judkowicz 

Betina Zuckermann Cynamon

Claudio Lam

Isaac Markman

Nathalia Paz Parnes

Sandra Dratwa

Silvia Miles

Tatiana Laber

Mirella Portenoy


BeyachadBC – Israeli Committee

Gabi Kabazo

Matti Feigelstock

Lilach Golan

Regina Lvovski

Ronen Sabag

Shay Rokach-Penn

Yael Mayer

Yossi Degen

Ayelet Ben Menahem-Cohen

Dafna Silberstein

Ayelet Cohen Weil


BeyachadBC – Latin Committee

Katia Fermon

Marck Guttman

Monica Schwartzman

Moy Covalin

William Wolff

Shirly Berelowitz

Ayelet Cohen Weil